The Work Futures Research Centre (WFRC) is an interdisciplinary research and consultancy hub which draws on experts from across the University of Southampton.

Through our network of internationally recognized researchers, we tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing the world of work, both paid and unpaid, from digital labour to social care, work organizations across the private, public and third sectors and employees whether on salaries, contracts or unemployed. We are interested in diversity within labour markets, whether through gender, race and ethnicity, social class, educational background, age, sexual orientation or geographical location.
We have published widely in academic and policy and practice formats. Our expertise covers both the UK and international labour markets, and we specialize in developing innovative ways to understand and solve problems and provide strategic and tactical intelligence to our partners.

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Excited to announce our next Work Futures Research Centre Webinar... David Robertshaw and @daniel_edmiston (University of Leeds) will be sharing findings from Welfare at a Social Distance @distantwelfare.

Join us on the 11th November, 12 noon


Undoubtedly the day's biggest news bar none... President Xi Jinping says China '...aims to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060'. It's the world's biggest carbon emitter, so it matters - in several ways

Read our latest blog by @BryonyHoskins on the 'myths' of volunteering leading to youth employment. Especially pertinent following government announcements this week...

👉 https://t.co/d7UBedlQE9 https://t.co/Qi1Tx89PPx
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We welcome @SimmsMelanie to the Work Futures Research Centre at *3pm today* for her talk on 'The Future of Collective Regulation at Work'

Join through the link here: https://t.co/eiivOA1ygL

Check out our new blog by @RogerTyersUK on how commuting might change post-COVID 🚘🚲🚃🏢 https://t.co/yqXXzsCiZg

Check out our new blog by @RogerTyersUK on how commuting might change post-COVID 🚘🚲🚃🏢 https://t.co/yqXXzsCiZg