Work Futures Research Centre

  • publicity-image-smInfluencing PolicyOur academics are influencing policy and bringing cutting edge research to the forefront of policy development.
  • iStock_000001504873_boxCutting Edge ResearchThe WFRC combines academic interdisciplinary research excellence with an innovative approach to advance our insights into the implications for work, employers, social groups and individuals at the local, regional, national and international levels.
  • iStock_000010557338X_boxResearch ThemesThe WFRC existing research projects cluster around a range of themes from Labour Markets & Migration, Health & Social Care, to Work Futures in the Digital Economy.
  • iStock_000001416234XboxPublic EngagementWe are facilitating innovative opportunities to reach the general public and share our cutting edge research with the world, such as the celebration of United Nation’s International Days.