Labour Markets and Migration

Employment Protection Legislation and Job Stability: An European Cross-Country Analysis

Researcher: Mirco Tonin

Research Partner: International Labour Organisation


The Geography of Commercial Design: A Comparison of London and the Regions

Researchers: Peter Sunley, Steven Pinch, and Suzy Reimer

Research Partner: ESRC


Economic Impact of European Accession State Migration in Southampton

Researcher: Pauline Leonard

Research Partner: Improvement and Development Agency and Southampton City Council

This research project aims to provide information about the economic benefits of A8 migration in Southampton to inform Southampton City Council’s future communications and planning. As an international port, Southampton has been a significant destination for A8 migrants and to date has experienced generally good community relations with its new migrant communities. However, in order to develop effective strategies and leadership for the future, informed data is needed. This project involves collecting views from a broad range of stakeholders so that successful places and communities may be shaped for the future.

For more details please contact Pauline Leonard, School of Social Sciences