Changing Spaces and Places of Work

Making the Workplace Work

Researcher: Pauline Leonard

This ethnographic research, funded by the British Council for Offices, explores the ways in which the design of office space affects the performance, productivity and practice of work. In-depth interviews were conducted in 13 organizations across the UK, in the private, public and third sectors, with senior managers, facilities/human resources managers, as well as a range of employees. All the organizations had recently configured the design and layout of their workspaces in an effort to improve organisational cultures and communication as well as sustainability, and these were observed, mapped and photographed. The research reveals how workspace design is of great importance to individuals, affecting their motivation, their working relationships, and their sense of wellbeing. Whilst the introduction of sustainable initiatives is generally welcomed, these must be disaggregated from cost cutting measures in order to be fully supported.

For more details, please contact: Pauline Leonard, Social Sciences