Health and Social Care

The Work Futures Research Centre has outstanding expertise in the health, care and social work sector. We bring together researchers from Health Sciences, Education, Medical Sciences and the Social Sciences with extensive experience of conducting research on the changing shape of care work and organization, using a broad range of theoretical and methodological approaches.

Contemporary health and social services face huge challenges, not least in the face of public spending restraints and the ageing population. High quality research providing in-depth knowledge of current practice and exploring creative and sustainable alternatives is essential if we are to respond effectively to these challenges.

Examples of current projects linked to the Work Futures Research Centre include:

  • A study of sick leave and early retirement amongst nurses aged 50+ examining how employers might improve retention amongst this group of staff (funded by the Norwegian Research Council)
  • A study of new computer decision support systems for emergency and urgent telephone call handling by clerical staff – looking at the workforce planning implications (funded by the National Institute for Health Research)
  • A study of the introduction of Advanced Apprenticeships in NHS Trusts in South Central Strategic Health Authority region and their progression opportunities (funded by the Hants / IoW Lifelong Learning Network)
  • A study to identify the education, training and support implications of a the use of remote telehealth and telecare devices by community teams, in conjunction with Solent Community Healthcare, Southampton City Council and the Health Innovation and Education Cluster Cluster (funded by Skills for Health)
  • A study located in a local authority childcare social work setting exploring the contribution of reflective case discussions to professional practice and wellbeing (funded by the University of Southampton and Southampton City Council)
  • A study exploring the role of trust in child care social work organisational settings and its contribution to knowledge sharing and risk management practices (funded by the University Southampton).
  • A study to investigate the opportunities for workplace learning and workforce development available to hospital porters and to make recommendations for improvement (funded by Southampton University Hospitals Trust)