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Books – Authored

  • Roth, Silke (2015) The Paradoxes of Aid Work. Passionate Professionals. London/New York, Routledge.
  • Roth, Silke (2003) Building Movement Bridges: The Coalition of Labor Union Women. Contributions to Sociology Series. Westport, CT: Praeger
  • Martin Kohli, Hans-Jürgen Freter, Manfred Langehennig, Silke Roth, Gerhard Simoneit and Stephan Tregel (1993) Activities in Retirement. Retirees between employment, voluntarism, and hobbies [in German]. Opladen: Leske + Budrich.

Books – Edited

  • Kreutzer, Florian & Roth, Silke (2006) Transnational Careers: Biographies, Life-conduct and Identities [in German] (with Florian Kreutzer). Wiesbaden: VS Verlag

Book Chapters

  • Oso, L., Villares-Varela, M. (2008) ‘Latinoamericanos empresarios en España: una estrategia de movilidad ocupacional” [Latin American entrepreneurs in Spain: a strategy of upwards occupational mobility]; in Herrera, G., y Ramirez, J.: América Latina migrante: Estado, familia, identidades. FLACSO. Ecuador
  • Ram, M., Jones, T. and Villares-Varela, M. (forthcoming) ‘Ethnic minority entrepreneurship: a critical perspective’, Essers, C., Dey, P., Tedmanson, D., and Verduyn, K. Handbook Critical Perspectives on Entrepreneurship. Challenging dominant discourses in entrepreneurship London: Routledge.
  • Ribas, N., Villares-Varela, M. (2012) ‘Aproximación al empresariado de origen inmigrante desde una perspectiva europea y de género’ [Approaches to immigrant entrepreneurship from an European and gender perspective] in Lopez, F (coord.) Empresariado Inmigrante, Instituciones y Desarrollo. Ed. Comares. Granada
  • Roth, Silke (2014) ‘Keine Berührungsängste. Die WeiberWirtschaft und die feministische Zukunft’ in Unsere Luftschlösser haben U-Bahn-Anschluss. Weiberwirtschaft – eine Erfolgsgeschichte, ed. By C. Neusüss, K. v.d.Bey, Berlin, 2014, 106-109.
  • Roth, Silke (2013) “Professionalisation, Power, Privilege – Experiences of Aid Relationships”. In “The Personal and Professional in Aid Work”, ed. by A.M. Fechter. London/New York: Routledge.)
  • Roth, Silke (2011) “Dealing with Danger – Risk and Security in the Everyday Lives of Aid Workers” In “Living in ‘Aidland’? The Development System and the Everyday Lives of Aid Workers”, ed. by Anne-Meike Fechter and Heather Hindman. (Kumarian), 151-168.
  • Roth, Silke (2010) “Working Experiences of Aid Workers in Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid” (in German) In: “Mobilität und Mobilisierung” ed. by Irene Götz, Barbara Lemberger, Kathrin Lehnert und Sanna Schondelmayer. (Campus), 81-94
  • Roth, Silke (2010) “Women in the American Labor Movement” for: Gender and Women’s Leadership, ed. by Karen O’Connor. Sage, 427-434.
  • Roth, Silke (2008) „Dealing with Diversity: The Coalition of Labor Union Women. In: Identity Work, Sameness, and Difference in Social Movements, ed. by Rachel L. Einwohner, Jo Reger, and Daniel J. Myers, University of Minnesota Press, 213-231
  • Kreutzer, Florian and Roth, Silke (2006) “Introduction: Transnational Careers: Biographies, life conduct and mobility” [in German]. In: Transnationale Karrieren: Biografien, Lebensführung und Mobilität, ed. by Florian Kreutzer and Silke Roth. Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag, 7-31
  • Roth, Silke (2006) “Humanitarian Aid – Entries and Trajectories” [in German]. In: “Transnationale Karrieren: Biografien, Lebensführung und Mobilität”, ed. by Florian Kreutzer and Silke Roth. Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag, 100-119
  • Roth, Silke (2005) ”Sisterhood and Exclusionary Solidarity in a Labor Women’s Organization”. In: “Emotions and Social Movements”, ed. by Helena Flam and Debra King. Routledge, 189-206.
  • Roth, Silke (2000) ”Developing Working Class Feminism: A Biographical Approach to Social Movement Participation”. In “Self, Identity and Social Movements”, ed. by Timothy Owens, Sheldon Stryker and Robert White. Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press, 300-323.
  • Roth, Silke (1997) ”Garment Industry and Women: Labor Movement and Women”. In: Ready Reference: Women’s Issues, Margaret McFadden (ed.) Pasadena: Salem Press, 367-369, 489-493.
  • Villares-Varela, M., Ram, M., Jones, T. (forthcoming) ‘Female Immigrant Global Entrepreneurship: From Invisibility to Empowerment?’, Henry, C., Nelson, T., & Lewis, K.V. (Eds.) The Routledge Companion to Global Female Entrepreneurship. London: Routledge.
  • Villares-Varela, M. (2010) ‘Female Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Spain: The Creation of a Model for the Analysis of Entrepreneurship Strategies’ in   Abraham, M. et al (eds.): Contours of Citizenship. Women and Citizenship in a Local/Global World. Ashgate Publishers.

Conference Papers

  • Carol Ekinsmyth, Brian J. Hracs and Suzanne Reimer (2017) ” Understanding creative labour:  shifting focus from individuals to households”
    To be presented at   After urban creative economies, RGS/IBG Annual International Conference, 29 August to 1 September 2017, London.
  • Suzanne Reimer (2016) “Creativity and technical competence:  engineering and design in the early twentieth century,” Paper presented at the Fifth European Colloquium on Culture, Creativity and Economy, Seville, October 2016

Peer Reviewed Papers


  • Ram, M., Edwards, P.,Villares-Varela, M. (forthcoming, 2017) From the Informal Economy to the Meaning of Informality: Developing Theory on Firms and Their Workers, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy DOI 10.1108/IJSSP-06-2016-0075.






  • Sunley, Peter; Pinch, Steven and Reimer, Suzanne (2011) Design capital:  expertise, routines and situated learning in London design agencies.  Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 36: 377–392.

before 2010

  • Barnes, H. and Parry, J. (2004) ‘Renegotiating Identity and Relationships: Men and women’s adjustments to retirement’, Ageing and Society, 24 (2): 213-233.
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