The WFRC is committed to expanding the opportunities it can offer to postgraduate and undergraduate students through preparing our students for their future by seeking to create personalisation, develop opportunity, open up learning by providing our graduates with the necessary skill set to tackle some of society’s major multi-faceted challenges.


The University of Southampton’s Curriculum Innovation Programme (CIP) is preparing our graduates for their future by seeking to create personalisation, develop opportunity and open up choice within learning.

This innovative interdisciplinary approach to education has tremendous value for our students! WFRC have been working with the CIP team to create new and exciting opportunities to build an understanding of work and employability across some of our degree programmes.

Current WFRC Curriculum Innovation modules include:  Work and Employment in Theory and Practice.

This module aims to introduce you to a broad range of perspectives on work, working lives and work organizations with a particular emphasis on how these are affected by variables such as globalization, migration, technology and financial crisis.


Master degrees, which may be followed either full-time (over 1 year) or part-time (over 2 years), relevant to the Centre are:

MSc Social Policy and Social Research – an ESRC accredited programme offering an advanced conceptual and methodological preparation in social policy analysis.

Msc Sociology and Social Research – an ESRC accredited programme developing advanced knowledge of both issues and applied methods in sociological analysis.

MSc Sociology and Social Policy – offering more flexibility than the two Masters above, this programme explores contemporary issues such as social inequality and diversity, migration and terrorism.

MSc Education Practice and Innovation – for education and training specialists who work to support learning outside of traditional school environments e.g. health care, uniformed services, charitable organisations and other public sector organisations.

MSc Leadership and Management – aimed at health care professionals e.g. allied health professionals, nurses and midwifes.

All programmes provide an excellent grounding for those wishing to pursue a PhD programme.