About Us

The Work Future Research Centre (WFRC) was founded as one of the University of Southampton’s Strategic Research Groups (USRGs) which provides an interdisciplinary home for the wide range of work-related research being conducted across the university.

Uncertainty and rapid change in relation to work, employment, the economy and society more generally provide the backdrop to much of our existing research. The current economic challenges affecting Britain and the rest of the world are increasing the need to understand the implications for work.

By bringing together diverse activities and interests, the Centre offers a focal point for organisations looking for research expertise to investigate the issues that matter to them. It is also providing a forum for specialists from across the University to work together in innovative ways to develop research proposals and insights into contemporary and emerging themes across the field.

Contact us to discuss how the WFRC team could collaborate with your organisation and to learn more about our Research Themes.

The University of Southampton is one of the world’s top 100 Universities, watch the film below to discover how we are at the forefront of interdisciplinary research towards advancing some of society’s most pressing global challenges ( by University of Southampton Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research).