2018 Digital Labour Seminar Series at UOS and WSA

Digital Labour Seminar Series
This seminar series brings together researchers from the UK and USA for two events at Highfield (7th February) and Winchester School of Art (16th April) to explore transformations, debates, and tensions associated with digital labour. The first seminar focuses on the home-work conflicts of digital labour for those endeavouring to make a living on digital platforms. The second seminar focuses on social media careers and fashion blogging.
This series is convened by Dr Dan Ashton (Transforming Creativity/Winchester School of Art) and Dr Rebecca Taylor (Work Futures/Sociology) with support from the Web Sciences Institute.
Seminar 1: Negotiating home/work boundaries in the digital economy
Wednesday 7th February 2018
Highfield 67/1003, 4-6pm
  • Darja Reuschke (University of Southampton): Home-Based Self-Employment and Business: Conflicts and Resources of Homeworking in the Digital Economy
  • Al James (University of Newcastle): Digital Work-Lives and Gender Inclusive Growth in the “Sharing’ Economy?
Seminar 2: Negotiating professional/amateur boundaries in the digital economy
Monday 16th April 2018
Winchester School of Art, Lecture Theatre A, 4-6pm
  • Agnès Rocamora (London College of Fashion): Fashion Blogging as Invented Labour
  • Brooke Erin Duffy (Cornell University): Digital Dream Jobs: The Promises and Perils of a Social Media Career
All University staff and students welcome.
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